Hogar RGBW Insert Module

Hogar RGBW Insert Module allows you to create dynamic LED lighting experiences for buildings, art installations and events of all sizes. Complete your luxury home automation with versatile and energy-efficient lighting solutions and fascinate the world with modern lighting.

    • Add ambient lighting for: instance and control with Hogar RGB module.
    • Use our RGB module to create: colourful atmospheres. Explore new design possibilities to transform spaces with additional ambient lighting.
    • Use our intuitive interface from your Smartphone or tablet, to choose your favourite colour for each lighting zone.
    • Number of output channels: 4
    • Power supply: 12/24V DC
    • Power consumption: lessthan 0.5W
    • Operational temperature: 0-40∞C
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 33x41x16mm
    • Rated load: 8A per channel
    • Dimming type: PWM
    • Radio protocol: Z-wave Plus or Zigbee 1.3 or Wifi
    • Radio signal power: max 1 mw

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