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Oakter 16 Amp Smart Plug


This smart plug helps you control one high powered home appliance (AC / Geyser etc.) using your smart phone or voice cammands. Automate your high power appliances. Connect it to your Oakter smarthome hub and schedule, time and remotely turn your devices ON and OFF

  • Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa Speakers

    • Supports upto 3.6KW at 230V
    • Operational range: 110V - 290V
    • Highly conductive copper and aluminum contacts
    • BS 546 Type M pin configuration to fit standard Indian large wall sockets
    • Inbuilt protection against power surges
    • Plug and play device, requires no installation
    • Polycarbonate enclosure
    • Firmware designed to handle frequent power outages
    • Constantly evolves with Over The Air firmware updates

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